Work with me

Beyond a two-year jaunt with the Queensland Government, I’ve spent the best part of a decade working in bookselling and publishing. I’m a self-taught social media professional and my bookselling and publishing experience coupled with my digital marketing skills make me a great person to work with if you’re looking to break into the industry, wanting editorial support for your manuscript, or needing a social media strategy to amplify your reach and engagement. I’m a big fan of talking about books, and you can listen to my podcast work here.

You can check out my LinkedIn profile here, and before we lock in any work together I like to have a chat (either via Skype or face-to-face if you’re in Sydney!) to make sure we’re on the same page.

Proofreading/copy editing: $50/hour

I’ve been proofreading a wide range of corporate documents, manuscripts, and digital copy in various professional settings for almost six years and I have a keen eye for detail. I check every word and provide you with flawless, seamless copy that has a grand total of zero spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Manuscript assessment (up to 100k words): $300

I have enough years of bookselling and publishing experience to know what works and, importantly, what doesn’t in Australia’s competitive book industry. Let me take a look over your manuscript and provide you with feedback regarding the story and what to do next, and advice on both where to pitch it and who to pitch it to.

General copywriting: $50/hour

If you need some help capturing your brand or business’s voice and tone for your website, blog, email, or social media channels, let me do the writing for you.

Current competitor analysis: $5o/hour

Keeping on top of your own brand can be hard enough without having to worry about what your competitors are doing as well. I’ll provide you with a complete analysis of up to five competitors that you request (or I can identify them for you) to investigate what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong, and how you can do it better.

Specific social channel advice: $50/hour

If you’re pretty confident with social media but you’re looking for a better understanding of one specific social channel, I’ll sit down with you and go into the channel in detail. I’ll look at how you can best leverage the channel for your brand or business and provide you with all the tips, tricks, and tools you need to master the channel and grow your community. This can also cover other social media issues like establishing the right tone and voice for your audience on the channel, or using your analytics to work out when the best time is for you to post on the channel.

Custom social strategy: $150

If you’re feeling lost and frustrated on social media, I can help! We can work out who your target audience is and where they spend time online so your content can be prioritised, and, speaking of content, I’ll help you make it inviting, exciting, and shareable. I know you’re busy, so my goal will be to help you maximise results with minimal time spent on managing your social channels. The strategy will include daily, weekly, and monthly steps so you can grow your social presence on up to three channels successfully.

Complete social media establishment: $250

If you are ready to launch your social presence but don’t know where to begin, I can do it for you (or work through it with you so you know how to do it next time yourself). I’ll make sure your channels are launched in a cohesive way to ensure brand continuity across all channels. I’ll get your first few posts launched and provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly steps so that once I hand control back to you, you know exactly what you’re doing.

Complete social media management: $75 per channel/week or $200 for three channels/week

If the thought of managing your social channels yourself keeps you awake at night (and not in a good way), I can help get you back to a restful night of sleep in no time. I’ll create content, reach the right people at the right time, and build a thriving and engaged social community on up to three social channels. I’ll provide you with regular updates and be constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to grow your audience.

Blog analysis: $100

If you’ve redesigned your blog and want a fresh set of eyes to look it over or you’re trying to understand why you’re not getting the page views you want, I’m the gal to help. I will look at your blog design and its functionality and provide a detailed analysis of what is and isn’t working. I’ll consider user experience and assess your blog’s navigation across multiple devices so I can help you get your readers to stay on your blog for a longer period of time.

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