Book Spine Poetry

Inspired by Book Riot’s Best of Book Spine Poetry post, my amazing cousin Alex and I decided to try our hand at creating our own poetry. Armed with cups of tea, the Safety not Guaranteed soundtrack and my out-of-control collection of books, we came up with some pretty great material…

The tools we had to work with aka my book collection.

Remarkable creatures: the reader, the poet. You or someone like you.
The writing class – between the lines.

The forest of hours. No time for goodbye. Sure and certain death…
Scared yet?

Hector and the search for happiness; the big sleep.
Fool moon; memoirs of an imaginary friend.

The anatomy of ghosts: devious, wicked voices.
What the night knows? No rest for the dead.

 Sweet tooth, sugar queen. Like water for chocolate.
Lasting damage, life support. The chemistry of death.

 Possession – you belong to me.
Persuasion – you don’t want to know.
The selfish society.

Every day when you reach me, everything is illuminated.
The sweetness of life… just my type.

The hopeless life of Charlie Summers.
The surgeon of Crowthorne, the outsider – the last coyote.

Hard times!

 Good omens, persuasion.
Girl missing. Let the old dreams die. Sufficient Grace. 

The good thief’s guide to Paris – sex, bombs and burgers.
The robbers. The gourmet. The cat’s table.

The child thief (criminal). The nightmare.
The sense of an ending. Dead cold.

As darkness falls angels and demons silent scream, breaking dawn.
What on earth is going on?

 Lady of the shades. The king of lies.
Dark places; the edge of nowhere. 
The hour I first believed. 

In the woods, in the shadow of the trees, still life.
A beautiful place to die.

The logic of life; the history of love; the map of time.

 Garden spells, the shifting fog… whispers of the dead.
Lost in a good book. The graveyard book.

Unbearable lightness. Look at me!
The time keeper, the secret of lost things.

This is shyness–the unbearable lightness of being. 

We had so much fun doing this and I hope you enjoy what we have created. Be inspired to try your own–it’s surprisingly easy!

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