Books are expensive and time is precious, so I try to be as open and honest about books as I can be. Books are a very personal experience, and I strongly believe no two people read the same book.

If I do not share your views or do not view elements of books as negative or problematic in the same way you do, leave me a comment. I’m open to different viewpoints and like learning new things, but if you approach me with aggression I will not engage.

Q. Do you get free books?

I work with books, I write about books, I read an awful lot of books, and while I do spend a lot of money on books, I also receive many books directly from publishers each month. I have a NetGalley account (if you love books, you should too!) and request access to books on there, and because of my job I am granted access to most of the books I request. My reviews are always open and honest, irrespective of whether I paid for a book or not. I work in the Australian book industry, but My Cup and Chaucer is not my day job and anything I write on this website is not influenced by my employer, unless explicitly stated otherwise. In summary, all opinions on this website are mine and mine alone.

Q. Do you get any other free things?

Sometimes I get free samples of products that are not books. It’s quite rare, but it does happen. I am a member of Social Soup, a community of Australian influencers, and I’m occasionally selected for projects with brands they represent. It’s a free community to join and I highly recommend it. If I post a review of anything that I am sent free of charge, I always make mention of it. Transparency is key!

Q. Do you get paid to review books?

Man, I wish I got paid to review books! There are no reviews on My Cup and Chaucer, of books or otherwise, that I have been paid to write.

Q. Do you have a review policy?

You can find the My Cup and Chaucer review policy here.

Q. Do you use affiliate links?

I use affiliate links sparingly on My Cup and Chaucer. I have an account with Commission Factory, and their affiliate links don’t cost you anything to use. I do not have affiliate links from any brands on My Cup and Chaucer that do not use Commission Factory, and I only apply for programs with brands I truly care about and wholeheartedly recommend. All affiliate links are marked with an asterisk (*). If you don’t want to click through to an affiliate link, that’s absolutely fine. Just navigate to the brand’s website directly outside of My Cup and Chaucer.

Q. Do you accept sponsored posts?

I am open to sponsored posts; however, at present there are no sponsored posts on My Cup and Chaucer.

Q. If I have an issue with something that’s not covered here, can I contact you about it?

If there’s more you’d like to know about how I balance my personal and professional opinions about books, or if there’s something else you want to know that I haven’t covered here, please do get in touch. Twitter is the fastest way to contact me, or if you’d prefer the discussion is kept private you can email me: hello(at)mycupandchaucer(dot)com.