I’m a great fan of serendipity. I do believe that some things just happen for a reason, they can’t be helped… and when they involve books, it’s all the better. We have a small second hand ‘library’ in my office, and I picked up a Peter Robinson novel. It sounded brilliant, but being my usual self, I hopped right onto to see if it was a standalone. Alas, it was about the tenth book in a long running series. My heart dropped. With sadness, I placed the book back on the shelf, and began my search for the first book in the series, Gallows View published in 1987 (a year before I was born!)

As you are aware I’m sure, many Borders and A&R stores are closing all across Australia. As a former Dymocks employee, this news didn’t sadden me much at all. I was, however, devastated to hear that the Borders Brisbane store was closing. I used to love coming in there after school, grabbing a tea and wandering the floors for hours. It was relaxing and cemented my passion for the written word. I decided one afternoon it was worth my while popping in to see what closing down specials I could get my hands on. I wandered for a while, and when I was heading out, I quickly walked past the sales bins (you know the ones, 3 for $15 or $5.99 each). Love them. And what should I find, but one lone copy of Gallows View. For under $10!

I should add here that it was damn near impossible to find this book anywhere. Some told me it was out of print, unavailable… even trusty old Book Depository couldn’t get it for me.

I am well over half way through, and I adore Robinson’s writing style. Inspector Banks is brilliant, and I am so sure of this that I have already purchased #2 and #3 in the series. I am looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship with the Inspector Banks series.

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