GIRL MISSING by Tess Gerritsen

This was my first Tess Gerritsen novel, and apparently quite a good place to start. This was Gerritsen’s first cross over into crime, moving away from romance, and for a crime debut it was pretty damn awesome. She effortlessly blended crime with a little bit of romance – nothing too overpowering – for an easy to read thriller that will keep you guessing until the final pieces fall together.

Kat Novac is a medical examiner in Boston, and within two days, she inspects two corpses who both appear to have died from an unidentifiable drug overdose. The only clue is a name and number written on a matchbook. Adam Quantrell is not at all what she expected though, and while some sparks fly between them, Quantrell’s name remains at the top of the suspect list. Quantrell is obviously hiding something, and his eagerness to identify the overdosed Jane Doe suggests his squeaky clean past is not all it seems to be. Quantrell is the owner of a powerful pharmaceutical company, and all signs point to their laboratory for the source of the deadly drug.

When Kat’s life is threatened, Quantrell clears his name as a suspect and instead becomes a love interest. But all is not well within the walls of the city’s elite, and it becomes obvious that corporate coverup and conspiracy are rife within the law enforcement. Who is responsible for the deaths of the drug takers? Why does law enforcement seem so willing to deny that there is a problem? And what happens when Kat realises that the people who are closest to you have the greatest capacity to hurt you?…

Well I suppose you’ll have to read it! I suggest you do. It’s not an amazing thriller, but it’s a quick and easy read that is highly entertaining and enjoyable.

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