Top Ten Tuesday: April 30 2013

There may not be a single word or topic that would immediately convince me to buy a book, but there certainly are topics that will instantly make me pick up a book. In fact, I even have two (two!) auto-buy authors. For a commitment-phobe like me, this is encouraging. On that basis this was a rewarding exercise, but it’s definitely more ‘pick up’ a book instantly than ‘buy it’ instantly.

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10. 9 times out of 10, I’ll buy Nora Roberts’s romantic suspense standalone books–there is usually one a year. Sometimes they’re shit though…

9. If you’re writing crime set in Amish communities, I’ll almost certainly buy your book. Happily.

8. Books where the entire story is told within 24-hours or less. These authors are very clever.

7. If Michael Koryta or Joe Hill announce new horror books…

6. Pretty much any historical fiction that deals with witchcraft or ghosts.

5. When Gemma Malley announces a new dystopian series, I do a little dance.

4. If the author happens to be Gillian Flynn or Linda Castillo, I will pretty much throw my money at the bookseller like this…

3. Dystopian YA. I hate that I’m so interested in it, but I have become quite fussy about which titles I’ll bother reading because there are just too many to pick from.

2. Scandinavian crime books. I will always pick them up and check them out. And then ponder for 10 minutes whether I need another one.

1. Adult dystopian fiction and crime fiction, as a general rule, I will look at. But, as another general rule, I may buy one in ten that I look at.

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