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March 2017 Reading Review

March was an awesome reading month. It was a huge improvement on February and was largely assisted by two books that I devoured in less than 24 hours each. I read a lot of crime/mysteries/thrillers this…

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February 2017 Reading Review

Wow, so, my reading really sucked this month. I kind of wish that there was an explanation for it, but February overall has felt like a massive pile of average with a side of mediocre.…

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February 2017 TBR

There are loads of great books out this month, as we learned yesterday in my list of February 2017 new releases. I managed to get through ten books in January, and I’m aiming for a…

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The big February 2017 book preview

January is typically a slow publishing month and February in my mind marks the start of the 2017 publishing year. I’ve decided to start a monthly feature that highlights new books coming out that month.…

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January 2017 Reading Review

After failing my Goodreads challenge of 85 books in 2016 (I made it to 76), I did the only realistic thing when setting my 2017 challenge: I increased it by five books to a total…

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