8 ways to maintain motivation to exercise

exercise post

If I’m honest, I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I can go for weeks at a time with the motivation of a professional athlete, and then suddenly hit a slump where even the promise of post-gym pizza and ice cream won’t get me off the couch. I have an […]

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Why I listen to audiobooks, and you should too

audiobook 1

I enjoyed listening to podcasts. A friend recommended the Pocket Casts app and it completely changed the way I listen to podcasts (it’s far more stable than the iOS standard app). And then I realised something: I could be listening to a book right now. Don’t get me wrong, I […]

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January Favourites

jan favourites

I’ve been a lover and avid reader of monthly Favourites posts for a long time now, but I’ve never written one of my own. When I was scheduling what to write each day for my month of blogging, I decided to set myself the challenge of rounding my up favourite bits […]

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What’s in my makeup bag | February 2016

makeup bag favs

I have a weird relationship with makeup and, as such, with my makeup bag. I have oily skin that breaks out at the drop of a hat. Truthfully, it does whatever it wants whenever it wants. When I was younger, no one ever took the time to help me find […]

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My top six healthy lifestyle cookbooks

healthy cookbooks brighter

As my mother so eloquently said it this afternoon when I was complaining of muscle soreness, I’ve never been super unhealthy, but I’ve definitely stepped up my health game since moving to Sydney in July 2014. She’s not wrong. In 18 months I’ve gone from someone who scoffed at the […]

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jan reads new image

I read six books in January. (It’s actually five if you don’t want to count an audiobook, but I quite enjoy having someone read to me, and it means by commuting time is spent doing someone beyond mindlessly scrolling through Twitter.) As I’ve mentioned in my post on February goals, […]

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