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  • Liz Byrski blog tour + a deeper reflection on my reading life

    Liz Byrski blog tour + a deeper reflection on my reading life
  • March 2018 Reading Recap

    March 2018 Reading Recap
  • February 2018 Reading Recap

    February 2018 Reading Recap
  • January 2018 Reading Recap

    January 2018 Reading Recap

February Favourites

I had such a blast thinking about my monthly favourites in January that I’ve decided to do it again for February! Without further ado, here are my February favourites. Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask. I’ve…

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Trying to make peace with Monday

It’s almost *that* time of the week on Instagram. You know what I’m talking about… The influx of posts every Sunday afternoon around 4pm lamenting that the weekend is almost over and Monday is just…

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What I’m Currently Reading #1

In a very short period of time I’ve gone from being someone who reads one book at a time to someone who reads multiple books at a time. I don’t like it, and, beyond one…

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10 books I should have read by now (but I haven’t)

This is such a shameful list. Like, there are some books on this list that I’m truly embarrassed to have not read. I probably wouldn’t even admit some of these to you face to face.…

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On the road to self-love

I have been saving this post for Valentine’s Day, a day when romantic love is celebrated and when often-overlooked-but-super-important self-love is slowly becoming more widely accepted. This isn’t to say that self-love is a new…

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The Power of Nora

One of my earliest non-children’s film memories is of Meg Ryan standing at the observation deck of the Empire State Building holding a backpack and a teddy bear. My mum was sitting next to me on…

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Planner chat

I’m a meticulous diary keeper and planner lover. I was that girl in high school who used different coloured pens for different subjects, and keep everything colour-coordinated, neat, and tidy. When an ex introduced me to Moleskine…

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The Stella Prize 2016 longlist cover love

Earlier tonight the longlist for the 2016 Stella Prize was announced. It’s a brilliant list that leans heavily towards fiction, with 11 of the 12 longlisted titles fiction of some format (including novel, novella, and…

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