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2016, I’m ready!

Happy New Year, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I’m unbelievably relieved to say farewell to 2015. It seems to have been a challenging and difficult year for many, and I was certainly not…

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I was fortunate to receive an invitation to the Sydney premiere screening of Fifty Shades of Grey on 11 February. Up until recently, I hadn’t picked up any of the books and only knew of the trilogy…

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Saying goodbye

When asking how many parents I have, the answer you receive will vary depending on who is asked. Ostensibly I have two, a mother and a father; but an almost entirely absent father left a…

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Under the Dome: Episode 1

So, tonight in Australia, the first episode of Under the Dome aired. Those of you who know me even remotely well know how close Stephen King’s epic novel is to my heart. Tonight, my heart was broken.…

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