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  • Liz Byrski blog tour + a deeper reflection on my reading life

    Liz Byrski blog tour + a deeper reflection on my reading life
  • March 2018 Reading Recap

    March 2018 Reading Recap
  • February 2018 Reading Recap

    February 2018 Reading Recap
  • January 2018 Reading Recap

    January 2018 Reading Recap

THE LOST BOOK OF SALEM by Katherine Howe

For so, so, so long I’ve been wanting to review this book. It’s been out for awhile, it was released in Australia in June 2009, but it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read…

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Why I read.

  I don’t remember life without reading. One of my earliest reading memories involves an old hardcover Beatrix Potter collection and many hours spent pouring over the beautiful illustrations and simple yet stunning stories of…

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BREAKING SILENCE by Linda Castillo

Anyone else out there who has a favourite author that only writes one novel a year will understand the anguish of buying said new novel: do you read it now? Devour it and relish in…

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THE RIDGE by Michael Koryta

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love a good scary story. Ghosts and spooky things that go bump in the night have always appealed to me, and rather than try to shut that…

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DEVIOUS by Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson is fast becoming one of my favourite authors, plain and simple. Devious is only the second novel of hers that I have read, and while I did not enjoy it as much as…

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I’m always honest about the books I read. If this blog seems surprisingly positive, it is because I try my best to see the best in the books I read. With that said, I do…

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Something different

First of all I feel like I owe my readers a gigantic apology… it has been far too long since I posted! I have been waging an internal battle with myself over my reading habits,…

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THE BLOOD SPILT by Asa Larsson

I must apologise for my lack of posting lately; my personal life has been fairly hectic and I have also been in the unfortunate situation of reading a book that didn’t really grab me. This…

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