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  • Liz Byrski blog tour + a deeper reflection on my reading life

    Liz Byrski blog tour + a deeper reflection on my reading life
  • March 2018 Reading Recap

    March 2018 Reading Recap
  • February 2018 Reading Recap

    February 2018 Reading Recap
  • January 2018 Reading Recap

    January 2018 Reading Recap

UNSEEN by Mari Jungstedt

Far out, Scandinavian crime month is brilliant! Unseen, had I not read The Ice Princess first, would probably have been my favourite book of 2011, but it is sitting solidly in second spot. This was…

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LITTLE GIRL LOST by Brian McGilloway

As I’m sure I’m about to learn with my month of reading Scandinavian crime, there is something dreadfully yet delightfully chilling about a winter crime. It’s below freezing outside, there are tracks in the snow……

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Musings… What I learnt in May

For the month of May, I made a resolution to read books written before I was born (1988, for those of you who are a little behind). I aimed for five, and only managed four;…

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LAST KNOWN VICTIM by Erica Spindler

A couple of months ago I did a profile on one of my favourite authors, Erica Spindler. And tonight, I have another review for you. Last Known Victim was not necessarily a follow on from…

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Musings… Best book purchase of the year?

So it’s still May, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be finishing John Grisham by Tuesday evening. I hope you’re all cool with that? Whoever you are. This time of year,…

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MANHATTAN IS MY BEAT by Jeffrey Deaver

I’ve just finished Manhattan is my Beat, the first (but certainly not the last) Jeffrey Deaver novel I have read. It was brilliant! I love crime novels, and I love crime movies, and this novel…

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A DEDICATED MAN by Peter Robinson

First of all I would like to apologise for my absence of late. Life sometimes gets in the way of things, and my time for reading has been somewhat limited. That and I had great…

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Written in 1966, Lilian Jackson Braun’s The Cat Who Could Read Backwards is certainly not the oldest book I’ve ever read, nor is it one of the best books I’ve ever read, but it was…

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